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The purpose of the Blog is to periodically give updates on work in progress as well what is happening on the way to Launch Dates. From time to time there will be snippets of valuable information added about Writing and it’s different facets.

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May 6, 2018

Yesterday is Tomorrow

Teaser excerpt from the book in progress.
We are hoping to publish on Amazon early in the second half of this year.


Lightning flashed around them, and the wind getting stronger. Everyone shivered from the sudden cold. Adam did another round to the other tents. He told each one, “It will be wise to string storm ropes over the tent right away. Please make sure the pegs are secure. We don’t want tents flying away in the rain.”

With that, he strung storm ropes over his own tent. He ran to his vehicle and unloaded instruments needed to study and record any electrical or static occurring in this part of the countryside. He knew the iron content in the vicinity attracts lots of powerful lightning.

The cloud turned extremely dark and the lightning flashes tried to beat each other in speed and intensity. Although it was only 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it felt as if the sun had set and it was night. Adam prayed they will ride the night out. He had a premonition that this will be a normal occurrence during the three weeks they will be here

Adam was only halfway setting up his instruments when it felt as if the whole of hell had broken loose. The static charge was building up so fast he had trouble calibrating the instruments. He had never ever been in such a storm as this: it was deafening.

He felt his body tingling and his hair standing up on end. His instruments were not even responding to his settings. The tingling got worse, and he felt static being released from him. Dizziness overtook him. The huge amount of static energy that had built up in his body, suddenly released with a violent shock.

Adam felt as if his vision was fading into blackness before his eye and that he was falling. He grabbed onto the nearest steel tent-pole to steady himself. That’s when he thought his psyche was being detached from his body.

Everything went quiet!

He was in a serene world, traveling at a slow pace through a long tunnel full of bright lights. Released from the sensation of moving in time and space. He surrendered himself to the uncontrollable forces. Everything faded into blackness before him.

July 22, 2018

Forty Eight Hours in a Day

Many, many years ago I was a Section Leader in the Drawing Office of a very large Design and Construction Company in Johannesburg. At one stage I was handling a large project with eight draughtsmen working for me. It was found that a Section Leader would normally be able to handle that many efficiently on a project. Because of a shortage of Section Leaders in my field of expertise in the Petrochemical Field, and a sudden influx of urgent work, I was handed another project to supervise. That meant another 8 draughtsmen on a completely different subject. It was difficult handling one section in panic mode, but when you have two of them to cope with …!

One frustrating day I went to the Chief Daughtsman to ask if I could not get someone to help me with some of my work. It was getting physically and mentally tiring running from one project to the other and from one zone over to the other
“Jimmy, is there no possibility of someone helping me on these two projects?”
“How many hours are there in a day?” was his reply.
Surprised at his question, I answered, “Twenty four.”
“No, there are 48 hours in a day.”
“Why do you say that?”
“You will just have to work twice as hard to make it in twenty four hour day.” That was his final statement. The irony of it was I was already working twice as hard on two projects on panic stations.

When You Work for Yourself
I retired from Engineering in 1994 to become a full-time professional artist and have been so ever since. Where I was working a lot of overtime I found that now my hours were even longer busy building a new business. Prior to all this about 1965 I had taken a correspondence Course on Short Story Writing.
That got relegated to the bottom of the pile and stayed there for many years. Too many, as far as I was concerned. Even my story book reading suffered. During my school days I was an absolute bookworm.

During the beginning of 2009 we emigrated to New Zealand to build up my art teaching studio again from scratch. Again, long hours
When you work for a boss you feel the long hours working overtime, yet when working for yourself you don’t even notice the very long hours. You only do when the wife complains you’re neglecting her. Still, I managed to write a few short reads as practice. I managed to typeset and format and publish my brother’s book “Child of the Eagle” in book form and Kindle on Amazon.

Exactly a year ago, at 84, I decided to retire from active teaching. I am still involved, in a way, with the arts and keep in touch with all the member of our forum. I wrote another book “Hidden Power – make your subconscious mind work for you.” This was published recently.

A few months ago, I began ghostwriting my brother’s novel, “Yesterday is Tomorrow” and am about halfway through it. It is about time travel and set in the past. Adam and Tanya wake up to find themselves among the primitive Apache Indians. Will they ever find their way back to the present?

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