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Child of the Eagle

John joined the Natal Parks Board as a Game Ranger.  Those were the infancy days of the endangered White and Black Rhino Capture.  They were also the days of experimentation to ensure their survival from extinction. Unfortunately, highly sophisticated poaching methods are once again threatening the Rhino population. This book reveals the fascinating life of a Ranger during those early, but exciting, days of Rhino Capture.

Press Release

One man’s personal quest into the world of wild life converstaion.

Child of the Eagle is an interesting personal account of John Vincent Clark, a game ranger who was stationed at the Umfolozi Game Reserve (South Africa) in 1959. Given the name ‘Nganisokhosi’ which literally means ‘Child of the Eagle’ by his game guards, this book is a reminiscence of Clark embracing his duties in protecting an endangered species, the Rhino.
He recounts his experiences into laying the foundation for what was not a bed of roses as Clark details out various challenges that he had to endure in his mission to protect the Rhinos. He brilliantly weaves his story within the wilderess of Umfolozi, giving readers a first hand glimpse into a world that was less ventured in the 1950s.

What makes this book stand out is Clark’s ability to infuse a personal touch to his story – focusing on the individuals around him throughout his years as a game ranger. Human elements within the story make his book a read which is difficult to put down. The   story becomes quickly relatable to all works of life, entwining both his personal life accounts and the rhinos that he worked with.

A heart warming story and an eye opener into the world of endangered animal protection that is plagued with numerous issues. The Child of the Eagle is a one of a kind treasure trove told in a first person’s story telling style – this book will definitely provide readers with the impression that they are listening directly to Clark narrating his story to them. It emphasizes how both the environment and human relations help to shape an individual’s perspective and personal life.