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DANIEL - his godly Lifestyle

This book does not deal with the prophecy aspect at all. Most overlook another very important side of Daniel. Why did the angel (Gabriel?) call Daniel “a man greatly beloved”? He must have been very special to God for him to address Daniel as such! This book delves into the reason(s) why Daniel was called “a man greatly beloved” of God and just why we should imitate him in all our ways, even today.


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Press Release (2017)


“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding,” says the holy writ. Could that be the reason why a man like you and me will be addressed by a holy angel as a man greatly beloved? Or hasn’t it caught your attention that this humble man of God was the only one addressed in the Scripture as one that is GREATLY BELOVED? But why? Author, publisher and professional artist, Dennis L. Clark, answers that question in this new insightful book “Daniel – His Godly Lifestyle”

“The name DANIEL conjures up all sorts of visions in the mind of the hearer or reader,” says Dennis Clark. And just like the Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel is a difficult read for many people. The Prophecy Sections of the book make very interesting, or frustrating reading. I know you have been there. But what makes Prophet Daniel, Daniel? Why the abundance of revelation? That overlooked aspect of the person of Daniel – his piety, his reverence for the Lord, his fear of Jehovah … is the very important side of Daniel that classed him as God’s Greatly Beloved. And that’s what this book seeks to show you.

Why did the angel (Gabriel) call Daniel “a man greatly beloved”? He must have been very special to God to be addressed that way. Yet at first glance, it is very easy for the eye to pass over this salutation when reading, especially when one is concentrating more on the prophetic side of the book. Be that as may, this book Daniel – His Godly Lifestyle seeks to unravel the very reason(s) why Daniel was called “a man greatly beloved” of God (that very overlooked part of the person of Daniel) and just why we should imitate him in all our ways, even today.

You may never have thought of how pious and reverential Daniel was in his relationship with Jehovah. That was why he was God’s greatly beloved. This book Daniel – His Godly Lifestyle, is an encouragement to Christians to lead a holy life as God commanded. Yet much more, this book is also an encouragement for people/readers to make a commitment to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

But does Daniel’s lifestyle have anything to do with his upbringing? I think so. The Scripture says to train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Daniel (and his three friends), the author says, were from childhood, “taught in the ways of the Lord: they were taught to serve Him with reverence and with respect; they were taught to live a holy life, not to just read about it and leave it at that.” Does that explain the reason why Daniel was faithful and obedient? Daniel and his friends, said Dennis Clark, had parents who lead them in the right direction. So now, how do we shape up in this respect?

It is clear that this book Daniel – His Godly Lifestyle is aimed at one thing, that is: How to live a godly lifestyle that is pleasing and acceptable to the Lord. That’s the point the author – Dennis Clark wants you to see.

For Christians, Churches, Bookstores, Radio and Television Stations and anyone that truly wants a walk with the Lord that is pleasing and acceptable to Him in the end of times, you will have found the answer to the longing of your heart when you go through the timeless and simple in “Daniel in Exile, Daniel during the Reign of king Belshazzar, and The man in Daniel and Revelation,” some intriguing chapters in the book.

You will fully and finally understand through this simple Christian Living Classic: Daniel – His Godly Lifestyle, what was clearly behind the success story of Daniel that made him serve as a top government functionary in about three successive governments in a land where he was a stranger in exile; yes, you will find out the human side of Daniel and how he trusted God for everything.

Already in circulation and listed on Amazon, Daniel – His Godly Lifestyle by Dennis Clark made its debut in the United Sates of America in 2015; published by Dennis Clark, Paint Basket Ltd, 24 May Street, Gonville, Wanganui, New Zealand.

I make bold to say that you have not read any book about Daniel until you read this very book that sets forth his lifestyle, his character, secrets that made him become so acclaimed, admired and respected by the heathen emperors of the Babylonian empire and their loyalists.

You will be thrilled to know how God makes choice of His very elect, how He prepares them by endowing them with gifts and abilities of the Holy Spirit fitting them for days and years to come. You will find out how He fits them to serve His eternal purpose even in lands and governments that are completely anti-God or anti-Christ; yet all these God does in them, not in the comfort of the palace, but in the remote places of prayer, devotion, sacrifice, fasting(s), denial and study of the word. God’s greatest(s) are not made in the peaks of the mountains; rather they are made in the low lands of the valleys, creeks and rocks, such that when they shall be tried, they shall come forth like gold.

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