Dennis has always had the desire to write short stories. Somehow all the obstacles in life seemed to have pulled him away from this dream.
Determined to bring this to fruition he has started to write a series of Short Stories.
These are actual incidents, slightly dramatized, and in no particular chronological order, in the life of the author. Some names and places have been changed.

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The Marula Tree

Andy, is challenged by the office boaster and reluctantly agrees to take part. The hunt is in the South African Bushveld. In the process Andy gets lost – what now?

The Sneaky Smuggler

Andy and his brother Vince were constantly at loggerheads during their school days.  Andy was the quiet one, and Vince the impatient and short tempered one. Andy has just started work while Vince has been sent to an Agricultural College to finish his schooling. How do these two become reconciled?



No Place to Hide

Life is not always what it seems to be. There are the bright sunny days and then there are the stormy days – literally and figuratively. Andy Stewart had some of these.